On-Prem K8s-Bare Metal

Streamlining Infrastructure with Bare Metal Touchless Automation

At Anbihian, Inc, we specialize in optimizing infrastructure management through bare metal touchless automation. Our tailored solutions seamlessly integrate automation technologies to streamline processes, boost efficiency, and drive innovation. With a focus on bare metal environments and leveraging cutting-edge tools like OpenShift, we offer hands-on expertise in deploying OpenShift Kubernetes cluster  automation solutions tailored to your technical requirements.

Understanding Automation: Bare metal touchless automation eliminates manual intervention in configuring bare metal servers remotely , optimizing resource utilization, installation and accelerating processes. By leveraging automation technologies, businesses achieve higher productivity, reduce errors, and allocate resources more effectively.

Integrating OpenShift into Bare Metal Touchless Automation: As a Red Hat partner via TD SYNNEX, Anbihian harnesses the power of OpenShift to drive bare metal touchless automation. OpenShift’s advanced container orchestration capabilities serve as the backbone of our automation solutions, enabling seamless automation of deployment, scaling, and management of bare metal servers and containerized applications.


  • Enhanced Efficiency
  • Improved Reliability
  • Scalability
  • Cost Savings

Implementing Automation Solutions:

  1. Assessment and Planning
  2. Deployment and Configuration
  3. Integration
  4. Testing and Optimization

Support and Maintenance:

  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Updates and Enhancements
  • Training and Knowledge Transfer

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