IoT Integration & Automation

Internet of Things (IoT)

Anbihian with vast expertise in IoT integration and automation, our company has transformed scientific and chemistry laboratories by harnessing the power of cloud technology. By seamlessly connecting IoT devices and instruments, we enable real-time data telemetry collection, analysis, and remote monitoring. Our solutions streamline laboratory workflows, digital twining, automate repetitive tasks, and enhance data accuracy, enabling scientists to focus on research and innovation. Through cloud-based platforms, we provide secure data storage, advanced analytics, and seamless collaboration, revolutionizing scientific discovery and driving efficiency in laboratory operations.

The Internet of Things refers to devices that are linked by a network, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or LPWAN, and may communicate with one another via smooth data transfer and exchange. IoT has several applications, including home security systems and smart houses, smart watches, smart agriculture, IoT-based security devices, and so on, and it offers up an infinite number of possibilities.

IoT Integration

Integration is necessary for IoT platforms, as the number of devices and APIs is growing. A modern integration platform can help you to connect various platforms and have all the relevant data available within a single forum.


To maximize the utilization of your IoT data, you must define your integration procedures from the start. iPaaS can connect and harmonize heterogeneous data from IoT platforms and backend applications.

To manage the power of public cloud platforms, infrastructure must be treated as code (IaC). Terraform is a popular IaC tool, and Jenkins is primarily used as a CI/CD tool for the software development lifecycle.

Device-to-Cloud Integration

A public, private, or hybrid cloud backend for an IoT solution can provide telemetry data upload, device management, firmware updates, or advanced diagnostics and debug functions.
Security is one of the most difficult challenges in IoT system development today, and a comprehensive approach can protect businesses from a wide range of cybersecurity threats and breaches.

IoT automation using AI/ML

Artificial intelligence is described as a machine’s capacity to mimic the behavior in terms of intelligent reasoning and decision-making. Machine learning, on the other hand, is the technology that permits the incredible tasks that Artificial intelligence (AI) is capable of accomplishing. These tasks include picture recognition and natural language processing.

Integrating AI/ML into IoT platforms has reduced the likelihood of data being lost. As a result, the quality of predictive modeling of IoT-connected devices has increased, enhancing their efficiency and performance.

Anbihian Embedded IoT solution includes containerized apps and Azure IoT Edge, among other features for implementing an intelligent edge.

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