IT Software and Integration

IT Software Development

The design, documentation, programming, testing, and ongoing maintenance of a software deliverable is referred to as Software Development. These steps are combined to form a workflow pipeline, which is a series of steps that, when completed, result in high-quality software deliverables. The software development lifecycle refers to this pipeline.
While there are many nuances, software development generally includes the following elements.
• discover
• plan
• build and test
• deploy
• operate
• observe
• feedback and security

Software Integration

The process of combining separate software programs or elements into a single system is referred to as software integration. The level of integration can range from the combination of relatively small components to larger systems of significant size and complexity. As a result of the integration, these various programs can share a single database.
The integration should be carefully coordinated to achieve a seamless connection of the separate parts. When done correctly, increased efficiency is a significant benefit to the organization.

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