Powerful Data Management Solutions: Seamless Integration, Real-Time Analytics, and Complex Event Processing

Anbihian, Inc specializes in comprehensive data management solutions for both on-premise and cloud infrastructures, collaborating with leading database vendors such as Oracle, MySQL, Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service), and PostgreSQL. Our expertise extends to infrastructure database lifecycle management, enabling seamless integration and optimization of these databases within your environment.

In addition to our proficiency in database management, we excel in real-time analytics, applying advanced logic and mathematical techniques to swiftly extract actionable insights. Real-time analytics refers to the rapid analysis of newly arrived data, typically within seconds or minutes. We offer on-demand real-time analytics, where users or systems can request queries and receive analytic results. Additionally, our continuous real-time analytics continuously monitors events, alerting users or triggering responses as needed.

We are also proficient in complex event processing (CEP), also known as event stream processing, which involves querying data before or without storing it in a database. Collaborating with Oracle, MySQL, Amazon RDS, and PostgreSQL, we leverage their capabilities to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of complex event processing. CEP acts as a powerful organizational tool, aggregating diverse information and identifying cause-and-effect relationships among real-time events. By continuously matching incoming events against patterns, CEP offers valuable insights and enables proactive decision-making.

Our expertise in CEP finds applications in various domains, including:

  1. Business Activity Monitoring: We help monitor business processes and critical resources, identifying potential problems and opportunities in their early stages.
  2. Sensor Networks: Our solutions excel in monitoring industrial facilities, leveraging raw numerical measurements such as temperature and smoke.
  3. Market Data Analysis: We derive valuable insights from complex relationships between events, enabling accurate analysis of stock or commodity prices.

To deliver cutting-edge solutions, we collaborate with leading database vendors such as Oracle, MySQL, Amazon RDS, and PostgreSQL. We also leverage a range of tools, including:

  • Apache Spark Streaming
  • Apache Flink
  • Apache Samza
  • Amazon Kinesis Analytics
  • Microsoft Azure Stream Analytics
  • Microsoft Stream Insight

Partner with Anbihian, Inc for robust data management, real-time analytics, and complex event processing solutions that seamlessly integrate with leading database vendors, empowering you to take proactive and effective actions.